Team Development & Team Building

Team Or: Leadership Development

“Successful people make successful teams; successful teams make successful organisations.”

Team development programmes are tailored to the specific needs of individual organisations. We recommend programmes of at least a full day up to our three-four day Experiences & Journeys option.

The objective of all is to have fun & build a sense of “team” within a group of co-workers. Participants are taught to experience the importance of teamwork, team trust & mutual support, while also recognise & value the strengths & abilities of each individual. The outcome will be strengthened decision-making & problem-solving abilities of all your team members.

Specific areas of team development include:

  • experiential team building
  • effective communication (brainstorming, ideas & information sharing)
  • trust & relationship building
  • effective leadership styles
  • self-managing teams
  • goal-setting & planning
  • innovative problem-solving & decision-making
  • motivation, mentoring & the common goal
  • team & corporate culture
  • effective meetings
  • fun, “think outside the box” sessions

To effectively achieve the objectives outlined above, we recommend a full day programme where teams begin with communication & trust development followed by series of fun, dynamic team challenges that draw upon team initiative & cooperative problem solving activities.

Team Development 2Read about the Team Development workshops currently available, or contact us to find out more about Free Spirit Training & Development and the programmes we offer.