Personal Development

"Empowered individuals have the skill to empower high performing teams & are the foundation for a successful organisation."

Personal Development 1

We empower individuals to unleash their potential & realise their goals & release further enthusiasm in a variety of areas pertinent to their individual roles within your organisation.

We work with your people & teams using a variety of personal development tools depending on your organisational needs:

  • One-on-one personal & professional coaching & mentoring
  • Psychometric profiling
  • Career transition & career development
  • Other relevant workshops which could be tailored for your specific needs

One-on-One Personal & Professional Coaching & Mentoring

  • Through a series of one on one sessions looking at individual strengths & development areas, then setting an action plan to utilise both these in the workplace & personal setting to increase personal & professional satisfaction & effectiveness.
  • Often these sessions commence with Selector Professional – a psychometric profiling & assessment tool designed to highlight an individual’s key strength and development areas from both the individual’s preferred & actual perspective.

Psychometric Profiling

  • Recommended for recruitment & selection, personal, team & leadership development  - Selector Professional, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Belbin’s Team Type Questionnaire.

Career Transition & Career Development

  • Personalised one-on-one career transition & career development coaching with individuals who have been made redundant or are looking for a career change. These two coaching programmes are progressive in nature, highly interactive & practical.

Read about the Personal Development workshops currently available, or contact us to find out more about Free Spirit Training & Development and the programmes we offer.