Our Team Development Workshops

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Team Building - Team Development

Fun, interactive & impactful ways to create a new team, develop a growing team, connect a virtual team, reconnect a disconnected team, challenge an existing team & extend &/or reward a high performing team. These half-day to 3 days team building- team development workshops & retreats are one of the most powerful ways to work with your team. Stepping outside one’s comfort zones & the predictability of the average working day, individuals have the opportunity to interact, connect & relate to members of their team & organization in both a neutral setting & on an even playing field, to learn, to grow & to move forward together in leaps & bounds.

Learning is real, consequences defined, trust & support a whole new thing & team synergy at its peak.

Course Outline

  • Have fun & build a sense of “team”.
  • Experience the importance of teamwork, team trust & mutual support.
  • Enhance the level of understanding, rapport & team spirit within the team.
  • Recognise & value the strengths & abilities of individual members within the team.
  • Define & develop team values & team norms.
  • Build & develop communication skills within the team.
  • Strengthen the decision making & problem solving abilities of the team.

Further specific learning outcomes

  • Communication & information sharing
  • Building collaborative relationship through a WIN-WIN approach
  • Planning & goal setting, Problem solving & decision making
  • Leadership styles
  • Conflict management
  • Performance management – Results management
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Personal & team resilience & agility in times of change & challenge

Programme structure

To effectively achieve the objectives outlined we tend to work with the following flow, progressions & teachable moments. Beginning with communication & trust development followed by series of fun, dynamic team challenges that draw upon team initiative & cooperative problem solving activities. This culminates in an ultimate team challenge that requires smaller project groups to race against themselves & each other supported with debrief & learning transfers to the workplace. A selection of indoor & outdoor options are available depending on the needs of the team, the individual’s within it & your overall organisational objectives – in this case fun, social, interactive team building, with a sense of healthy competition thrown into the mix.


Half day option:                       2 to 4 hours

Full day option:                        6 to 8 hours

Retreat option:                        1-3 full days residential