Introduction to Management & Leadership - Day 2

28th March 2019

3 day workshop: 9.00am - 4.30pm (each day with 30 mins for lunch)
$1495 + GST
- Personal Belbin Team Types Report & 1:1 (2hrs) Coaching session
- Tea or coffee on arrival / Morining & afternoon Tea / Lunch

This dynamic & interactive 3-day workshop aims to increase confidence, skills & potential in one’s role as a Manager/ Leader. Targeted at emerging leaders & leaders/supervisors of teams within your workplace, this informative workshop builds on participants existing skills, knowledge & experience & heightens this to a new level of confidence & understanding of their role as a team leader.

All participants will have the opportunity during the 3 days to not only learn new skills & tools but to actively apply these skills & tools to their specific work & team environment through role plays, scenarios, peer interviews & self assessment opportunities. This highly interactive approach ensures maximum learning is transferred back to the work environment.


Day 1: Understanding Management & Leadership

  • Characteristics & attributes of an effective leader & manager
  • Your role as a leader & manager in your organisation
  • Leadership versus management
  • Exploring Leadership Styles
  • The Power of Situational leadership
  • The new age of Leadership in the permanent white water
  • Identifying you own key strengths & natural contributions as a leader & team member using Belbin’s Team Type Assessment & Profiling.

Day 2: The Art of Managing & Inspiring a Team

  • Developing a strengths based high performing team
  • Exploring the 4 stages of team development
  • The importance of TRUST
  • Communicating with confidence & purpose
  • Finetuning your assertiveness
  • Managing performance & setting performance objectives
  • Motivating & influencing others
  • Training, coaching & mentoring 

Day 3: Essential Skills & Attributes of Effective Leadership

  • Building professional, positive & productive working relationships
  • Having those challenging conversations – raising delicate issues
  • Requesting a change in behaviour
  • Managing conflict positively & proactively
  • Time management & workload planning
  • The art of delegation

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