Time Management

12th February 2019

Full day workshop: 9.00am – 4.30pm
$495 + GST
Includes: Workbook / toolkit / tea or coffee on arrival / morning tea / light lunch / afternoon tea

Time is our most precious resource & the most profound investment we will ever make. We are all given the same number of hours in a day but how we choose to invest that time is unique to each & every one of us.  This practical & thoughtful provoking workshop empowers each of us to value our time as much as we do money – to invest it wisely & make the most of each moment. A toolbox of powerful time management models & techniques are used to assist you in maximising your time to ensure a healthy balanced approach to an enriched personal & professional life.

Course Outilne

  • Valuing time as a limited resource
  • Identifying how we currently use our time in both our personal & working lives
  • My various roles & responsibilities – a holistic approach
  • The time management matrix
  • Identifying our own key time wasters
  • Planning & goal setting that works
  • Workload planning & prioritising our time
  • The art of delegating
  • How to say “No” that works for you
  • Finetuning our assertiveness

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