Leading Yourself & Others Through Change

15th February 2019

Full day workshop: 9.00am - 4.30pm
$495 + GST
Includes: Workbook / toolkit / tea or coffee on arrival / morning tea / light lunch / afternoon tea

Change is the new status-quo, & success at work requires agility, talent & the ability to learn from -- rather than fear – failure.

“We're in an environment that's permanent whitewater. It's not a steady -- it's not a change, steady-state change kind of environment, where you catch your breath between. It's a permanent whitewater."

Robert Gunther, Author of “Your Job Survival Guide. A Manual for Thriving on Change”

Permanent whitewater is the state of continual change we are currently experiencing which is coming at us in all directions. How to meet these changes & ride them with success are a measure of our personal, team & organisational agility.  As managers, leaders, business owners & employers, it is imperative we understand change & how best to lead others through change in order to build our own agility, the agility & responsiveness of our team to change & that of the entire organisation.

Workshop Outline

  • Understanding change & the stages of change
  • Understand how we respond to change & where we are in the change cycle
  • The age of permanent white water
  • Defining agility in times of change
  • Building organisational, team & personal agility
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Strategies to move through the stages of change
  • Your role as communicator & leader of change
  • Adding value to your team’s agility by leading others through change
  • Navigation tools to reach a destination inline with your organisation’s vision.