Conversations that Matter

25th October 2018

Full day workshop: 9.00am - 4.3pm
$495 + GST
Includes: Workbook / toolkit / tea or coffee on arrival / morning & afternoon tea 

Conflict, difference & diversity are not only inevitable but are natural & positive elements of success for high performing teams. Conflict & diversity give us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, to challenge ourselves & others to continually learn & improve. This dynamic & interactive workshop aims to provide the opportunities, tools, skills & processes to proactively & constructively have those courageous conversations where we positively & constructively express our thoughts, views & perspectives & are open & inviting of others.

Workshop Outline

  • Further understanding conflict & difference
  • Principles of conflict management & courageous conversations
  • Identifying our own personal handbrakes to conflict & having those courageous conversations
  • Understanding different communication styles & the potential impact these have when having courageous conversations.
  • Understanding our own communication style & the impact it may have on our own ability to effectively have that tough conversation.
  • Practical Communication Tools for those courageous conversations
  • The art of responding NOT reacting to conflict & difference
  • “Face it & Fix it” Approach to positively & proactively addressing conflict & having those courageous conversations
  • Understanding Conflict Resolution Styles - Thomas-Kilmann Model
  • Building collaborative WIN-WIN solution