Managing Performance Effectively

16th October 2018

Full day workshop: 9.00am - 4.30pm
$495 + GST
Includes: Workbook / toolkit / tea or coffee on arrival / morning tea / light lunch / afternoon tea

In order to achieve our goals in life & in business, we need to know what we want to achieve, where we are & how we are going to get there.  Managing our progress & our performance en route is paramount to ensure we get there. In times of permanent white water, managing performance is ESSENTIAL to stay afloat & ensure your business emerges strong & buoyant. This practical & focused workshop is a life vest in these times, providing an in-depth understanding of performance management, what it has the potential to do for you, your staff & your business.

Workshop Objectives

  • Performance management & the Performance Management Cycle
  • What does it have the potential to do?
  • Benefits of managing performance – Why do it?
  • What are your greatest challenges & stumbling blocks?
  • How best to define “results” for your business – where are you heading, what does success look like for you & your business or organisation?
  • What level of performance do you ultimately want & need as a business, & as a staff to get there?
  • How best to measure performance
  • Defining key competencies within your organisation